Send a letter to the County Commissioners about the Growth Concerns and the habitual approving of new projects without infrastructure!


16 September 2019 – To send this letter to the commissioners – enter your name and email and we will send this to all the commissioners on your behalf

Dear Commissioners:

We want you to STOP approving more subdivisions full of commuters in the rural area who must drive long distances to work, shop, etc. You need to start directing growth into transit-oriented development inside the urban core, near jobs & services, where we can focus our infrastructure investments responsibly.

Southern and Eastern Hillsborough county cannot handle any more new growth at this time, as the current new development hasn’t included the necessary infrastructure to adequately address the large influx of new residents.

You all should be working and looking out for the best interests and quality of life for all Hillsborough County residents. NOT A SINGLE “developer” who utilizes up to 25 different shell companies, each giving the maximum 1,000 dollar contribution to circumvent the campaign finance statutes. There are four of you dealing with this individual. It is a matter of public record.

Once this “developer gets large swaths of rural land rezoned by you and the BOCC, the land is sold to Lennar Corporation so they can build 10’s of thousands new homes and waltz away with 10’s of millions of dollars in profit while the residents you all are supposed to represent are stuck with the lack of infrastructure issues and the degraded quality of life they do not want, and do not deserve.

Time for a change

Thank you