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Dear Commissioners,

Pursuant to Rule 11, Board Rules of Order, Board Rules of Order, rescind Board approval of the “Balanced Approach to Community Building” as the guiding principles of growth management policy, which was presented at the 8/15/2019 Development and Mobility Workshop; and reschedule a vote on said document to be placed on an agenda of a regular BOCC meeting, to give the public an opportunity to weigh in on these policy decisions about managing growth and development, and to give the Board an opportunity for thorough review, extended discussion, and possible revisions to these policies.

To the the four Commissioners who voted yes to the “Balanced Approach to Community Building” (White, Murman, Hagen and Miller) how do you vote yes to guiding principles that you only had in your hands for just 25 minutes?
Yes to something that you did not read through?

It’s outrageous that the document was first given to the board at 1:31pm on August 15th and then a motion to approve it was called just 25 short minutes later.

It’s outrageous that this was done at a workshop meeting and not a regular board meeting.

It’s outrageous that public comment was NOT allowed.

While we most definitely need a balanced approach to community building, that vote was premature and quite frankly disturbing.

We need more workshops and the community needs to be involved! No stakeholders meetings? Shame on you four.

The board should have worked together and with the community on that document.

Especially since Lucia Garsys said that the document was not even developed until that day, August 15th and sometime after 11am…the meeting started at 1:30pm.

To the three who voted no and ask for more time(Smith, Kemp and Overman) thank you!